August 20th, 2013

Allow me to introduce myself:
I am
Not good enough
But I will try to be

I think one day
I’ll fly away
And you can’t stop me.
I will soar until I touch the sun.
I am not afraid of the inferno.

I have always felt
As if I’m running out of time,
And though I am young,
I have felt heavy
And I have been aware
Of death impending.
When I finally feel the slipping sand slowing,
When I feel I am regaining my footing,
When I feel I have strength enough to grasp on again,
Time ticks away
And I remember that I am always running out.

June 15th, 2013

I think today I’ll write
Amidst the chirping of birds
And with sleepless delusions
Circling my mind:

I have missed these words.
They enveloped me,
Yet I had none to give
And no means to take.

I have since found the spark I was looking for -
Some sort of inspiration -
But I’ve learned it was not enough.
I am still searching.

January 12th, 2013

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January 11th, 2013
January 10th, 2013
January 9th, 2013